Preview of new milling machine --SDM6T


Preview our latest product: SDM6T five-axis linkage machining center!

Compared with our best-selling SDM5T five-axis denture machining center, it has been completely upgraded. It adds square disc cutting on the original basis, and its production accuracy far exceeds that of similar cutting machines.
main feature:

Multifunctional control system: supports remote diagnosis and control management, Wifi and wired network connections, network file transmission, intelligent detection of broken tools, breakpoint resumption function, tool life management, automatic detection and calibration and other functions
And compatible with WorkNC, Hyperdent and SUM3D MiBox.

Unrivaled Precision: Accuracy within 0.008mm is achieved, ensuring any cut denture will fit perfectly every time.

Durable: The bed structure adopts industrial machine tool standard cast iron and cast aluminum structures, with high rigidity, no deformation, stable precision and long life. The mechanical transmission part uses Taiwan/Germany's C3-level high-precision ball screws and P-level high-rigidity linear guides.

Workbench upgrade: supports both square disc and round disc cutting

Efficient and powerful: This bed adopts a high-power frequency conversion high-speed tool-changing spindle with large torque and high precision, and can process a variety of materials with high efficiency.

Intelligent operation: Excellent and simple human-machine interface, touch screen control, simple operation, unique CAD/CAM processing strategy, no need for professional CNC programmers, one-click operation, stable operation.

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