Service policy

Product warranty scope:

(1) The company's sales agent and within the warranty period of the product hardware failure.

(2) The company's own brand and within the warranty period of product hardware failure.

Warranty details:

(1) The warranty period of our products is 1 year. (except for products with clear warranty period)

(2) The products sold by our company are provided with on-site maintenance in Shenzhen area, and the service in other places needs special agreement in the sales contract.

(3) Agent sales of products, customers enjoy dual services, that is, can directly contact with the product manufacturer and warranty, but also with the company for warranty and service.

(4) Free product warranty is applicable to product quality failure or software version upgrade.

In case of any of the following conditions, it is not covered by the warranty:

(1) The product purchased is beyond the warranty period.

(2) The customer does not install, use and maintain according to the product manual, such as using the power supply that does not conform to the regulations, improper storage and damage caused by using in the working environment not specified by the product.

(3) Product failure or damage caused by dismantling or modifying hardware and software without written authorization of the company.

(4) Man made damage or failure.

(5) Product damage caused by force majeure such as natural disasters, such as earthquake, typhoon, etc.

Maintenance charge:

(1) For the first and second years beyond the warranty period, the cost of components and parts will be charged, free of labor costs.

(2) If the warranty period is three years or more, the cost of components and maintenance labor will be charged.

(3) Within and outside the warranty period, the company only undertakes the one-way cost of transporting the products to the customers. The transportation modes are postal parcels, automobile transportation and railway slow mail; if there is any urgent freight, the customer shall bear the expenses.

Warranty response:

(1) Provide 7x12 hours of telephone technical consultation.

(2) We will verify the fault with the customer within 12 hours after receiving the returned products. Our own products will be returned to the customers within 3 working days; the agent products will be sent to the manufacturer's warranty center within 12 hours.

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